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Brunch Series #BlackOwned

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

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Let’s talk Brunch, possibly top 5 on my list of things to do every week. I know it sounds bad, but if not me who else will brave the multitude of Restaurants out there to help bring you a series of Brunch Spots in and near the City?

"We got y’all!" in my Issa Rae Voice

 This is the PeachyKeen Brunch Series, with all the information you'll need to have a great Brunch experience. This week i'm highlighting Black owned restaurants in the area serving up some amazing brunch dishes, with a hell of a following! I don't know about you but I love to see a black owned business thrive like the ones below.

Kitchen Cray 

I’ve been trying to get to this restaurant for months! But the hours are not ideal and the wait is also known to be long, so I recommend an early brunch. It was a must to visit after seeing most of the dishes from Kitchen Cray’s Instagram @kitchencraycafe. Visit this page at your own risk, the pictures will make you want to drop everything and head straight to the restaurant.

Location: 4601 Presidents Dr, Lanham, MD 20706

The location was sort of weird almost like an annex, and the area is surrounded by a huge parking lot. Inside the seating is very cozy and tables are easily moved around to support larger to smaller parties as they come.The DJ starts at 12 so get in all your conversation before that.

Hours: 11 am – 5 pm Sunday, Reservation are required on Sundays.

Menu: The menu for brunch looked great. I want to say that this restaurant is a mix of Seafood with southern comfort food, including some traditional brunch items. See for yourself here.

Drinks: Mimosas come by the glass, Not Bottomless. A little disappointing, but the food makes up for it.

What We Ordered: We ordered the crab tots, Chicken and French toast, a side of eggs, and the shrimp and grits. I recommend the French toast, I’ve never had any this amazing! It was sweet and buttery while maintaining a toasty exterior. The crab tots were really good too, they come with an abundance of crab and a really good sauce to top it off.  Overall my visit was a great experience!

FYI: They will be opening up an H street location soon, and I cant wait!

* This restaurant is not vegetarian friendly, but they serve a lot of Non-Pork options.*

Catch 22

I will be visiting Catch 22 frequently, it was that good! I went for a family brunch & I left very satisfied. This is another spot that either requires a reservation or an early arrival in order to be seated at a reasonable time. .

Location: 5832 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

Located on the corner of Georgia Avenue across the street from the Walmart, it is pretty easy to find street parking at this location. The dining area is set to accommodate larger to smaller parties while maintaining its spacious setting. A bar is located inside that guest may choose to eat at as well. Very mellow inside and family friendly.

Hours: 11am – 5pm Sunday

Menu: A restaurant is rare when you can say every dish at your table was amazing! So no need to choose wisely. As you can see here.

Drinks: They offer bottomless mimosas & are not shy to filling them up quickly. But beware, the mango is extra!

What We Ordered: We ordered the chicken and cheesecake waffles (note: an entire piece of cheesecake comes on top of the waffle), Lobster Mac and Cheese, Caribbean Style Whole Red Snapper, and the Jumbo Lobster, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. I still dream about the waffle that came perfectly accompanied by a cheesecake, with no syrup needed and the fresh fried chicken that balanced out its sweetness.

* This restaurant is not vegetarian friendly, but they serve a lot of Non-Pork options.*

Milk & Honey Cafe

My first experience was not so good with milk and honey, they’re usually always packed for Sunday brunch and they don’t take reservations. So if you plan on going map out time in your day for a fairly long wait to be seated and served. I also noticed that they have a lot of rules pertaining to menu items and food restrictions for paying customers located on their website, and on the menu itself.

Location: They have two locations , one in Bowie: 12500 Fairwood Pkwy Bowie, MD 20720 & the other is located in College Park: 10280 Baltimore Ave College Park, MD 20740.

The Bowie location is spacious inside when seated, and they can arrange to accommodate small to large parties. Very family friendly restaurant, most of the customers were made up of the after church crowd.

Hours: 8am – 5pm Sunday

Menu: They have a straight forward menu and don't offer mixing and matching. A downloadable version is available for both menus at each location here.

Drinks: The Bowie location does not offer Mimosas anymore, this may have added to my disappointment.

What We Ordered: We ordered the Deep Fried Biscuits with Apple, Lobster and Crab hash, and the French toast. The food was well seasoned. The biscuits were rather soft to be deep fried but the cooked apples were a great addition. The Hash was obsessively covered in cheese making it hard to taste the seafood or potatoes underneath, and the French toast was a little soft/soggy. I believe I just visited on an off day and I will be back one Sunday to visit the college park location, hopefully the mimosas served here will correct my past experience. I still recommend making the trip, they're a very popular #BlackOwned Brunch spot.

* This restaurant is not vegetarian friendly, but they serve a lot of Non-Pork options.*

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